For expert advice and services in Durham and the North East, Powercare Electrical Services offer an extensive range of products and services in addition to having more than 15 years experience in the field.

Whilst our original focus was on providing an emergency repairs and same day maintenance on a reactive basis, we quickly expanded to meet the demand of our clients, with the result being that today we are in a position to offer unrivalled products and expertise in the field of electrical systems and lighting services in Durham. These include:

LED Lighting Services in Durham

As an experienced lighting consultant we possess a huge amount of expertise when it comes to LED lighting, including both interior and exterior applications. In areas where ongoing lighting costs are a drain on revenue, LED lighting in Durham can produce significant long term savings as well as improving light levels generally. The benefits of our commercial LED lighting services include:

1. The best available component parts sourced from innovative, high quality manufacturers

2. Energy Efficient – uses just 10% of the power utilised by conventional lighting

3. Durable – components operate for over 50,000 hours

4. Same or improved level of performance as conventional lighting

From car parks and street lighting to stage lighting and architectural applications, LED lighting is broad technology with numerous practical benefits and advantages. At Powercare Electrical Services our team has a proud track record working designing, installing and maintaining LED lighting systems in a diverse range of locations and different environments in Durham.

Temporary Power and Festive Lighting

For music events, festive lighting installations and more, our team of engineers can be on hand with the relevant equipment and expertise to ensure any event is properly managed. This can include anything from installing or cross-hiring generators to a full connection service.

Reactive Maintenance, Power and Small Works

From the installation of sockets to replacing a faulty distribution board, it is often the small details that can make the biggest difference. Powercare Electrical Services provide a dedicated reactive maintenance and small works response to our clients, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to businesses in Durham. We also offer pre-planned maintenance services on a contractual basis designed to address all aspects of our client’s day to day electrical requirements.

High Mast, Car Park and Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to high mast and car park lighting in Durham, whole scale replacement of broken parts can be an expensive and time consuming task. At Powercare Electrical Services, our approach is to maintain and repair existing parts on a regular basis, saving costs in the long run and increasing the longevity of each site we manage. In the past this has included railways, docks and sports stadiums in addition to conventional applications such as street lighting and car park lighting.

Our engineers are available for one-off call outs or alternatively on a contractual basis. They are qualified to work with all types of platforms, masts and towers.


Electrical Cabling and Cable Installations in Durham