IKEA becomes first major retailer to stock only LED bulbs

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June 12, 2015
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October 5, 2015
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IKEA becomes first major retailer to stock only LED bulbs

As of September 2015, IKEA became the first major retailer in the UK to only sell LED lights to its customers, perhaps representing the start of a significant shift in the retail market towards more LED based lighting solutions.

In addition, IKEA has stated that traditional lighting solutions such as halogen lights and compact fluorescent light bulbs will no longer be available at any of their stores worldwide. This will affect the sale of as many as 2.3 million bulbs sold every year in the UK domestic market, as well as countless more elsewhere.

From now on, customers will only be able to purchase LED lights to go with their fixtures and fittings; although IKEA freely admits that this will be more expensive in the short run, they were quick to point out that households could save significant amounts in the future. The move was in part driven by the upcoming changes in EU regulations which will ban the use of halogen light bulbs from 2018 onwards.

The Benefits of LED Lights

For the domestic lighting market itself, this has real implications, and we could see many other retailers pursue a similar strategy in the coming months and years. At Powercare Electrical Services, we have long understood the benefits of LED lighting, and since 1999 our engineers have been engaged a wide range of projects aiming to improve efficiency and reduce running costs.

We work hand in hand with clients across the North East, and have covered sites in Newcastle and Gateshead all the way down to Middlesbrough and Teesside, taking in Sunderland, Durham and Stockton on the way.

Using just 10% of the energy that conventional lights draw on, and with a lifespan far in excess of conventional lighting, LED lights are the ideal way to improve electrical performance whilst maintaining the same level of light.

IKEA themselves pointed to these kind of statistics when announcing the change in their policy, stating that customer using an average of ten LED light bulbs in their home could save up to £300 on their electricity bills each year compared to a standard 57 watt bulb. This effect could be magnified dramatically when applied to environments such as car parks, warehouses or even street lighting.

At Powercare Electrical Services our time served electricians are the ideal workforce to help you revolutionise your lighting solutions and help you save money in the process. We specialise in setting up and maintaining bespoke electrical systems in both commercial and industrial environments, and can provide on-going support and maintenance across a full range of LED lighting applications. All of our products are fully tested and are designed to exceed UK regulatory standards, as well as the standards of our clients.

Call us today to see what we can do for you and your business.

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