LED and Interior Lighting

LED Lighting

Powercare Electrical Services offer a broad range of LED lighting services and solutions, including LED lighting installation for any interior or exterior application. Our innovative range of LED lighting products are sourced from LED manufacturers that are both trusted and respected within the industry, with quality control measures in place to ensure that we use only the best component parts available. This means that we are able to offer LED lights that are both energy efficient and long lasting whilst also offering all the features of conventional light at a bare minimum of the cost.

LED lighting represents a long term investment that is energy efficient and low maintenance – Powercare Electrical can install lights that use only 10% of the energy of normal lights, but with the same level of performance.

With over 50000 hours of consistent performance, LED lighting can vastly reduce the costs of replacing failed bulbs in the long run.

Our LED lighting range has any number of applications, including architectural and stage lighting as well as street lighting and commercial indoor building lighting.

Interior Lighting

Powercare provides a range of interior lighting services from general re-lamping through to installation of commercial lighting systems. We also provide bespoke lighting control, dimming & site automation to provide energy efficient solutions.

As one of the leading lighting companies in the North East, we pride ourselves on providing interior lighting that is of the highest quality.

As the commercial lighting market moves from conventional lighting to LED, We can provide a range of retrofit lighting and design services.