LED Lighting in a Car Park Environment

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September 2, 2013
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August 13, 2014
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LED Lighting in a Car Park Environment

Whilst we’ve been installing LED lighting systems for some 15 years now, the advantages today are clearer than ever before, with a number of recognised benefits. Powercare Electrical Services are specialists when it comes to installing LED lighting within car parks, and can offer bespoke solutions that are designed to fit into such as environment.

In applications such as car parks, LED lighting can be considered to be a quality long term investment that can improve safety and security on site. Energy efficient, low maintenance LED lighting can produce the same level of light as conventional bulbs, and in some cases improves the level of lighting in an area with high quality uniformly distributed light.

This is done using a fraction of the power normally utilised to provide constant lighting, sometimes by as much as 90%. By improving the efficient of the lighting within a car park, you can dramatically decrease the costs of running and maintaining the site. In addition to this, the life span of LEDs is some 50000 hours of use, which translates to over 17.1 years if the bulb is used consistently for eight hours a day.

Our lights can be designed to be as durable as possible, being resistant to physical forces like shock and vibration, and can stand up to cold or adverse weather conditions. This means that our LED lights can operate with minimal maintenance, so as well as keeping down energy bills you won’t have to run around replacing failed bulbs.

With a multitude of manufacturers to choose from, Powercare Electrical Services carries all the stock necessary to help our clients reduce their CO₂ emissions and meet their carbon commitments, all whilst keeping costs down and improving ambience and achieving a higher perceived light levels.

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