New Lighting System for the ARC

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September 2, 2013
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New Lighting System for the ARC

The bright lights of ARC keep costs down ARC’s running costs have been substantially cut recently with extensive changes to the lighting system.

Like all businesses ARC, Stockton Arts Centre, has been actively looking for ways of reducing its energy usage and saving money. Thanks to support from Powercare Electrical Services, the organization expects to save thousands of pounds per year through the replacement of many of the buildings light fittings.

Whilst ARC’s stunning five floor building is beautifully lit at night, the cost of powering 80 florescent tubes was adding up to more than £12 per day. By replacing these with new LED fittings, with an expected life of 15 years, these costs have reduced the running costs to £2.50 per day.

In addition to these changes 125 light fittings in backstage and emergency exit areas have been replaced with new PIR-triggered lights, meaning they only consume power when those areas are in use.
Powercare Electrical Services recently designed and upgraded the lighting and control systems at the ARC to enable it to reduce its carbon footprint by cutting energy usage. Designed by Roger Smith, Powercare director, and James Holgate, Operations Manager at ARC, Roger explained the idea behind the designs:

“We designed the new LED architectural lighting and movement sensitive general lighting with computerized control, allowing the building to be as energy efficient as possible.”
After the £21500 investment, ARC expects to make this amount back within just four years, with savings estimated at more than £5375 per year. ARC Director, Annabel Turpin, said that she was very pleased with this outlook:

“We’re very grateful to Powercare for their support in implementing these new systems, and feel that this is a very positive investment for the future in cutting costs and saving energy.”

With costs down energy usage kept to a minimum, it is a welcome saving for ARC as for any business.

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