North Tyneside

Powercare Electrical Services is an established electrical and lighting specialist based in Darlington. We provide an end to end electrical service covering installation, commissioning and maintenance for organisations in both the public and private sectors in North Tyneside.

Established in 1999, Powercare Electrical Services offer relevant services for both commercial and industrial applications ranging from LED lighting to car park lighting and more in North Tyneside.

In the past we have worked in locations such as airports, hospitals, supermarkets and industrial estates. In each case, we’ve been able to deliver an appropriate solution to every challenge we face whilst saving our clients money in the process.

Electrical Systems and Lighting Services in North Tyneside

Powercare Electrical Services specialise in all aspects of lighting, taking in both conventional lighting solutions and specific projects that are designed with an individual brief in mind. We offer both interior and exterior lighting solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes in North Tyneside, with ongoing maintenance and repair work available on a flexible basis. This can include one-off visits, monthly inspections or long term maintenance contracts to be agreed upon before the commencement of any project.

Our services include:

  • LED Lighting: Powercare Electrical Services are LED lighting specialists with a proven track record installing bespoke LED lighting for both interior and exterior applications. Our LED lighting products are sourced from cutting edge, innovative manufacturers who use the best available components. LED lighting uses only 10% of the power of conventional lighting. With over 50’000 hours of performance this can translate to vast savings for any company.
  • High Mast/Car Park lighting: in car parks, docks, airports and sports stadiums across North Tyneside, we’ve been able to install and maintain both low and high mast lighting using van mounted access platforms. Our preferred method sees us actively inspecting and repairing existing parts, saving our clients time and money that would otherwise be spent on replacements.
  • Emergency Power: whenever an emergency situation develops, our reactive repair and maintenance team in North Tyneside can be hand to respond quickly and decisively, with an extensive range of spare parts and systems to get you back up to speed. Our emergency repair service is available 24/7. We also can install backup generators and power systems that ensure you receive power in the event of an emergency.
  • Temporary/Festive Lighting: for one-off occasions or seasonal events, we can design and install bespoke power and electrical systems including generators and stage lighting equipment with ease. All work is completed safely and efficiently, from the installation of generators to cabling and distribution, and we are able to call on the services of industry specialists to complete any task.

For companies seeking out qualified advice and guidance on how to best utilise their electrical systems, our time served electricians are more than happy to pass on their expertise and experience gained over more than 15 years of trading.

All our products are tested rigorously to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards, and our work is accredited by organisations including the ECA, Safe Contractor, Elecsa and Constructionline.


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