Outdoor and LED Lighting

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August 13, 2014
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June 12, 2015
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Outdoor and LED Lighting

Whilst the benefits of LED Lighting in outdoor applications have been known for many years, recent market trends have shown a substantial increase in the demand within the industry, as more and more companies and organisations recognise the need to replace existing CGC lighting systems and reduce their energy costs. However, few companies are in a position to respond to these new trends, despite ever increasing amount and variety of products coming onto the market, which is greater than ever before.

This growth has been centred on three areas within the industry, these being external lighting, street lighting and car park lighting. By their nature, these areas require a 24/7 focus, with lighting that is energy efficient and offers a variety of choice, all whilst maintaining an optimal power output and undiluted quality of light. These specifications, however, are hard to come by.

Since 1999, Powercare Electrical Services has offered customers a whole range of LED lighting service, including lighting design and consultancy services. Recently, however, our portfolio has increased to match the ever increasing and diversified consumer demand, and this is now reflected in our wide ranging number of services that covers pre-planned maintenance work, reactive lighting maintenance and installation.

This means that we are in a position to offer an innovative range of outdoor LED lighting solutions suitable for any site, and this is proven in the depth of clients that we have worked with in the past – as well as car parks and street lighting, Powercare has been engaged with installing LED lighting applications such as airports, hospitals, universities and retail outlets.

Another significant factor that influences consumer trends is the lighting control systems that come with LED lighting. Working directly with customers to assess their needs, Powercare can recommend a whole host of control system options, ranging from computerised systems to more localised control with dimming functionality, and we also cover architectural lighting to special projects and applications. All our products are sourced from UK-based suppliers, and are tested to ensure that they meet and exceed the standards set by our clients, as well as the regulatory and trading standards set up within the industry.

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