Reactive Maintenance, Power and Small Works

Reactive Maintenance

We are able to provide reactive maintenance 24/7 through a dedicated contract with a client providing them with peace of mind that their electrical emergencies will be dealt with safely and competently.

We also provide reactive maintenance on an ad hoc basis, often to replace lights or deal with a power fault. The reactive callout team carries a vast range of spare parts on their vehicles to eliminate callbacks.

In addition we provide pre-planned maintenance for some customers, attending on an agreed time scale, to carry out specific tasks.

Power Services

Powercare Electrical Services is also able to specify cables for different applications and provide the appropriate cable and distribution equipment for your needs. A full installation of small power and final power circuits is also provided. Powercare Electrical Services also offers a complete design, install and commissioning service and can advise on the most suitable lighting and equipment to suit the client’s budget.

Small Works

We also undertake small works such as installation of sockets, replacing a distribution board, fitting RCDs, moving electrical equipment and power supply from one location to another, replacing burnt out cables and any other electrical work that may be required.

Biometric Systems

Powercare has good knowledge of biometric products and can provide a range of systems to include Iris recognition, Fingerprint systems and Face recognition systems. There are a number of uses for biometrics, ranging from security door access through to shop security, people counting, school vending products and identification. It is usually best to survey the premises or discuss your needs in detail in order to provide the correct solution.

Powercare can advise on various biometric systems to suit your requirements.