High Mast Lighting

Powercare Electrical Services offers a dedicated high mast lighting repair and replacement, available in commercial and industrial sites throughout the North East. This includes locations in Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough as well as covering organisations in Darlington and Durham.

Our high mast lighting services cover both standard and non standard maintenance for high mast towers and lowerable columns including LED upgrades and installations, undertaken by trained and certified electrical engineers using the best equipment and lighting components available. Our high mast lighting maintenance operations are applicable for all towers and columns irrespective of manufacturer or specification.

We also offer a full lighting installation service, available for all lighting column heights lower level buildings, bollards and featured lighting. Because we can access all column heights using van-mounted access platforms we are able to provide installation of lighting components for a definitive range of high mast lighting, regardless of the height of the host unit.

High Mast Lighting Specialists

Maintenance of high mast equipment, lanterns and lighting component is vital for keeping down costs and ensuring that performance of high mast lighting continues in the long term. Powercare Electrical Services has adopted a proactive approach to high mast lighting and can carry out regular site audits in order to check components for faults and errors. This lowers costs for the client in the long term that would otherwise have been spent replacing broken lanterns.

We offer regular maintenance contracts including monthly contracts whereby our lighting specialists carry out a full inspection and repair of lanterns across the whole site.

Powercare Electrical Services regularly undertakes high mast lighting maintenance, repair and replacement work on all makes and models, including common makes like Abacus, Phosco, Stainton and Kingfisher.

Car Park, High Mast and Outdoor Lighting Services

Due to the sheer range of practical applications available for high mast lighting, Powercare Electrical Services continually adapts our range of services to accommodate new trends. Today we continue to provide a definitive range of high mast lighting solutions to cover a diverse range of applications, including but not limited to car parks, airports, railways, docks and floodlights for sports facilities.

We work directly with individual clients to carry out work on commercial and industrial sites throughout the North East and can also liaise with civil contractors in order to provide additional expertise for civil infrastructure projects. Please contact us to find out more.