EV Charging

EV Charging
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EV Charging

An EV car charger is used to charge the batteries for electric vehicles and plug in hybrid vehicles. We are an independent electrical consultant outfit and we can provide a complete EV car charger installation service in a wide range of locations. We deliver a comprehensive EV car charging service for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and from initial design to final completion we operate to industry best standards for all EV electro car charger installation projects.

EV Electric Car Charger Installer

EV charging points can be installed at various locations from residential properties, hospital sites, office blocks, shopping centres and schools to airports, car parks, multi storey car parks and local authority roadside parking. We provide free onsite surveys and we will ensure we locate the best power supply point for your EV electric installation. We focus on efficient and cost-effective solutions for our valued clients. We can provide the full installation service including civil works and electrical cabling and we can also arrange for the local DNO (electricity company) to carry out any work where required.

Our full service includes:

  • Free Consultation
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Professional Car Charger Supplier

We can assist with all EV charger installation needs from a car charger at work, a car charger at home, fast car charger and rapid car charger to charging bollards, charging lamp posts and EV charger roadside.  We can also provide various options to locate charging points close to your EV if you live in an apartment and these may include external cabinets, bollards, lighting columns and overhead supply. When it comes to power for electric charging, we provide the highest standard of services.

If you need an experienced and professional car charger installer or any information about your EV, roadside EV charging, car charger or car charger installation please contact our team of consultants to see how we can help you further.